Its always possible to try to pass the exam without any knowledge of Dutch. It is possible that, if the degree of sciences and math of secondary schools in your country is comparable with that of the schools in Flanders, that you pass that part with a minimum knowledge of Dutch.

It is important to know that countries like Germany and The Netherlands do not have the same educational system as Belgium, this means that you really have to be sure that you have learned everything that will be asked. (you can look up the subjects in the info brochure that is distributed through the website or your university).

For the IVV part it is nearly impossible to pass because these are questions that are based on a good knowledge of Dutch. It is always possible to follow a course to upgrade your Dutch.

At the VUB, there are courses for different groups that prepare you for the entrance exam. There is also a reading test (resembling the leestekst of the exam) imbedded in the course of Wetenschappelijk Denken en Informatica, in the first semester of the Biomedical Sciences.

Aside from that, you can always ask help for extra language courses at the VUB (Centrum voor Studie en Begeleiding, Studietrajectbegeleidster, IRMO) and through the ‘Huis van het Nederlands’.